Arrested Development

Why ‘Arrested Development’ Doesn’t Deserve Another Season

Confession: it took me over a month to finish Arrested Development’s fourth season. I logged into Netflix this May with the eager anticipation shared by millions of other would-be binge watchers, bulldozing through the first three episodes in a matter of hours. But the day after that, I watched only one episode; the day after that, none at all. And though I eventually followed the complicated, confusing, only occasionally funny story to its conclusion, my reaction to Netflix’s professed interest in a fifth season was instant: Are they crazy? … Read More

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16 Things We Learned From Mitch Hurwitz’s Reddit AMA

Mitch Hurwitz, creator of Arrested Development, dropped in on Reddit yesterday to participate in an Ask Me Anything session. Unsurprisingly, that show — and its recently unleashed fourth season — was the primary topic of conversation, with Hurwitz shedding light on his favorite characters, his writing process, where the show goes from here, and the symbolic importance of the ostrich. We’ve sifted through the questions and comments to dig out Hurwitz’s most intriguing nuggets. … Read More

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Exclusive: ‘Arrested Development’ Father’s Day Cards

Still in the market for a borderline offensive Father’s Day card for good ol’ dad? We’ve got you covered. Last month, we insulted our lovely moms with a batch of Arrested Development Mother’s Day cards, and now it’s high Hallmark time to pay special tribute to the other person who brought us into this world. Click through to find cards for your father, the father of your children, your uncle-father, your pop-pop, or your Mrs. Featherbottom. (And if that last one actually applies to you, please elaborate in the comments.) … Read More

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Watch Parody Trailer for the ‘Arrested Development’ Game We’ll Probably Never Get to Play

This guy behind the Breaking Bad Lego game trailer has made another frustratingly awesome cultural video game we can’t… Read More

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Herman Cain Responds to His ‘Arrested Development’ Character

As I watched the new season of Arrested Development, I was immediately stricken by Terry Crews’ bizarre politician Herbert Love,… Read More

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‘Arrested Development”s Tony Hale Discusses Buster’s Development with Paul F. Tompkins

Paul F. Tompkins’s “Speakeasy” video series is quickly becoming one of the more enjoyable sources of in-depth interviews… Read More

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