Author Club: James Baldwin

Flavorwire Author Club: James Baldwin’s ‘Giovanni’s Room’

Last summer, I wrote a post about what I saw to be a sad truth of the publishing industry: we would not likely see the Great Gay Novel anytime soon. “It’s a non-homosexual world, and the majority of those who are buying, selling, and reading literature are non-homosexual,” I wrote. “When a marginalized group of people are being packaged for a larger, mainstream audience, the representation is never truly going to be honest or believable to LGBT readers.” To be fair, that was before I read James Baldwin’s 1956 novel Giovanni’s Room earlier this month; now I’m willing to say it’s the only Great Gay Novel we’ll ever need.  … Read More

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Flavorwire Author Club: James Baldwin’s ‘Go Tell It on the Mountain’

I’ve never been a religious person. I’ve given that life a shot, but it just wasn’t for me. The practicing of a religion, the observance of certain rules, and the quixotic quest to stay pious in this day and age just didn’t strike me as doable. I decided, instead, that I’d try to be more like a relative who I once heard remark, “I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual.” … Read More

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Introducing Flavorwire Author Club’s February Selection: James Baldwin

Flavorwire is excited to introduce our new Author Club series. It’s like a book club, but instead of focusing on a single work, we spend the month profiling several books by a single author and invite our readers to join in with comments that we will round up at the end of the month. We’ve chosen James Baldwin as the inaugural writer, and will spend each remaining week of February discussing one of his books. We’ll kick things off in a few days with his best-known work, 1953’s Go Tell It on the Mountain, then look at his second novel, Giovanni’s Room, finally finishing the month with some of his most famous essays. The Author Club aims to both start conversations about authors among those who are already familiar with them and serve as an introduction for readers who are new to their work. … Read More

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