Author Club: Paul and Jane Bowles

Flavorwire Author Club: Jane Bowles’ ‘Two Serious Ladies’ Gone Wild

There’s a famous saying about the ethos of Seinfeld, and how it broke all the rules with a mere four words: “No hugging, no learning.” The characters didn’t evolve; we did. We watched Jerry, Elaine, George, and Kramer run amok in New York City, trying not to masturbate, figuring out the rules of soup, and getting lost in the parking lot, and the results were, much of the time, as modern as can be. … Read More

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Flavorwire Author Club: The Overlooked Musical Legacy of Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles was truly a figure unlike any other, one who blazed a trail to Morocco that Beats like William Burroughs and Gregory Corso followed. Today it is still a trail that people are still following, in search of whatever magic the couple found there. He’s a fascinating figure, no doubt. We’ve chosen him — along with his late wife Jane — for our monthly Author Club on the strength of his writing, but while Bowles the writer and Bowles the expat have been widely discussed for years, his other work as Bowles the musician and Bowles the musicologist have been largely overlooked. … Read More

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Flavorwire Author Club June Selection: Paul and Jane Bowles

When you think of writers who led extraordinary lives while producing great work, Paul and Jane Bowles tend to be two of the names that usually top the list. Although they’re often lumped in with other post-First World War expat American authors, it’s impossible to look at the couple’s work and not think of what came after them — specifically their lives in Tangier, and all of the other people, from the Beats to rock stars to chef/writer/television show hosts, who followed in their footsteps to explore the strange magic that drew the Bowleses there in the first place. … Read More

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