Awards Season 2014

Contrary to Sexist Oscar Blogger Opinion, Movies About Women Make Money

You’ve gotta feel bad for Oscar bloggers. First of all, they’re Oscar bloggers. (Hahaha, I kid.) Second, due to the very definition of their job description, they have to spend something like the next six months basically twiddling their thumbs, waiting for awards season to begin anew at Toronto and Telluride. Some are coping by writing desperate “Wait, wait — what about next year” Oscar 2015 prediction posts. (Only a schmuck would attempt such a fool’s errand.) But at least one, Gold Derby’s Marcus James Dixon, decided the way to keep getting post-Oscar clicks was to pat Cate Blanchett on the head and assure her that no, sweetheart, people don’t want to see movies about ladies. … Read More

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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Matthew McConaughey’s Bizarre Oscars Acceptance Speech?

After years of playing douchey rom-com leads, Matthew McConaughey’s McConaissance has officially reached its peak. Last night, the actor won top prize at the Academy Awards for his portrayal of Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyer’s Club. If you only remember him by his slew of indulgent, cheesy mid-2000s films (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, anyone?), this might come as a surprise. But in the past few years, McConaughey has ascended to new critical heights, including his first Oscar nomination this year — all while maintaining his surfer-bro persona, if also wrapped in nicer clothing. Yes, this was McConaughey’s first Oscar nomination, but Dallas Buyer’s Club had already earned him a Screen Actor’s Guild award and an Independent Spirit award, so an Academy Award wasn’t unexpected. In fact, the most surprising aspect of McConaughey’s Oscar night wasn’t his Best Actor win — it was the fact that his acceptance speech was straight-up weird, and everyone seems cool with it. … Read More

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The 12 Oscars 2014 Moments Everyone Is Talking About

Seeing as how they clocked in at a back-breaking three hours and 34 minutes, you could be forgiven for checking out of the 86th Academy Awards ceremony early (or frankly, passing on it altogether—I mean, how about that episode of True Detective?). But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered; your Flavorwire sat through the whole damn thing, and put together the dozen moments that blew up the Twittersphere, burned down our Oscar parties, and will be on everyone’s tongues for a good, oh, 12 hours… Read More

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12 Awkward, Bizarre Musical Moments at the Oscars

The Academy Awards ceremony has, after many, many decades, become an event we both eagerly await and woefully dread. The latter emotions come from the overwrought parade of celebratory adulation for the Hollywood system, an annual ritual that regularly surpasses the three-hour mark. It doesn’t help that in between the awards and tributes to cinematic history are often awkwardly placed musical numbers that seem to make the night drag on even longer. Looking back at the last 25 years, there have been some awesomely atrocious performances in Oscar history. We’ve narrowed down these many missteps and present ten of the most memorable. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Official 2014 Oscar Picks and Predictions

Well, friends, the big night is right around the corner: on Sunday evening at eight, after hours of insufferable people screaming on a red carpet, Ellen DeGeneres will tell some jokes, montages will unspool, songs will be sung, and Hollywood will hand out some little gold statues. The winners aren’t always predictable — some of the voters might not be quite as tuned-in as you’d think (leading to some truly bizarre choices over the years), and this year’s crop of exceptional films have made the race a bit more competitive than usual. But here’s our best guesses for who will take home the major awards come Sunday, along with who we’d give them to if we were the only ones… Read More

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25 Years of Oscar Hosts, Ranked

The perceived success of Oscar night hinges on many factors — how dull the speeches are, how interminable the musical numbers are, whether Debbie Allen is involved, etc. — but no element, it seems, is more important than the host. A good Oscar host has to be something of a miracle worker: they keep the show moving, react spontaneously to whatever clusterfucks occur (and they always do), rib the royalty but only gently, and make the night edgy enough for home viewers, but not too edgy for the Cryptkeepers in the audience. Many have tried, but only a few have succeeded, so in anticipation of Ellen Degeneres’ second run at the job, we’ve ranked every Oscar host from the last 25 ceremonies (save 1989, which had no host). … Read More

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20 Oscar-Nominated Actors We’ve Forgotten

When you’ve got your Meryl Streeps, your Judi Denches, your Leonardo DiCaprios, and even your Jennifer Lawrences, it’s hard to remember a time when a handful of A-list actors didn’t dominate the Oscar nomination pools every year. And yes, this year we have some first-time nominees like June Squibb, Lupita Nyong’o, and Barkhad Abdi. While the jury’s still out on whether they’ll have long shelf lives as Hollywood stars, they wouldn’t be in bad company. There are, after all, over 80 years’ worth of actors who nabbed nominations and then slowly faded into cinematic oblivion. Here are a few from the last half-century that you may have forgotten.… Read More

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