Exclusive: Illustrated ‘Community’ Cocktails

At last, it’s February 7th (or, if you prefer, October 19th). You know what that means — Community is back for its fourth season, folks! We’ve already made 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation cocktails, so now it’s time to celebrate our long-awaited return to Greendale with a batch of Community drinks. After the jump, you’ll find everything from an Annie’s Boobs-themed alcoholic beverage to the Reading Rainbow concoction your childhood never wanted. Check ‘em out, then whip up your favorite for tonight’s episode. … Read More

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23 Things We Learned About ‘Community’ Season 4 from the Writers’ Reddit AMA

With the Community Season 4 premiere less than 24 hours away, expectations — and fears — are running high. Between the worrisome news of iconoclastic showrunner Dan Harmon’s sudden departure and surprisingly rapturous early reports about the season premiere, fans are hungry for every bit of reassurance we can get that the show’s in good hands. Presumably to allay those concerns, Community‘s current writing staff faced Reddit last night for an AMA. Below, find the biggest revelations from that Q&A. … Read More

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Everything We Know About ‘Community’ Season 4

After months of delays, cancellation scares, and false starts, the fourth season of NBC’s cult hit Community finally premieres this Thursday. The relentlessly meta comedy helped to alleviate fans’ fears following some high-profile staff changes and pushed already sky-high expectations even further when it released a Hunger Games-style trailer earlier this week. While the clip was clearly aimed at pleasing hardcore fans — Dean Pelton as Effie Trinket was a welcome return to cross-dressing form — it didn’t give much away in terms of what we can expect from the season ahead. So, in the spirit of Annie’s over-preparedness and Abed’s encyclopedic pop culture knowledge, we’ve compiled everything we know so far (including some minor spoilers) about what’s next for the Greendale gang. … Read More

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Why ‘Community’ and ‘Go On’ Look So Similar But Feel So Different

When Go On – NBC’s new sitcom about a community of misfits – aired its pilot this season, it brought comparisons with, well, Community. Todd VanDerWerff and Alyssa Rosenberg were two of many TV writers who noted the similarity from the start. Go On and Community involve ensemble casts, and both ensembles contain a mishmash of outsiders. Where Community had a community college study group, Go On featured a therapy group (that meets, it seems, at some sort of community center). These two comedies play on outsiders that never really fit in, until now. They’re not so odd when brought together, as we come to discover. Together, they even one another out. Go On and Community are predominantly character-driven sitcoms, asking viewers to care about the communities they portray, and prompting viewers, even, to join them.

Now ten episodes in, Go On has been doing relatively well this season (it’s certainly faring better than NBC’s Guys with Kids). It’s been picked up for a full 22-episode season, and while it hasn’t retained the 16-something million viewers that tuned in for its pilot, it still consistently bats a better average than NBC’s other Tuesday-night sitcom, The New Normal. Hovering just above six million viewers per episode, Go On is still reaching about two million more than its so-called predecessor Community. So, could Go On be the next Community? It doesn’t look like it. But it could be, in a sense, the more popular (populist?) Community. … Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. Last night Stephen Colbert gleefully kicked off his week-long celebration of The Hobbit by interviewing Gandalf himself. Watch Sir Ian McKellen get trounced in a vicious game Tolkien trivia, and later admit that “Gandalf is more powerful than Magneto,” in

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‘Community’ Superfans Plan First-Ever CommuniCon

You see, NBC? You see what happens when you deprive Community fans of the Greendale 7 for too long? They take matters into their own hands. Splitsider reports that the show’s fandom has entered the upper echelons of geekdom by launching its very own convention. The first-ever CommuniCon will take place… Read More

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The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories

1. In case you’re curious, TVLine has the scoop on how Community writers plan to handle Chevy Chase’s departure from the show — including how they might work Pierce into the episodes that haven’t been shot yet.

2. Presented sans commentary: the woman who Lindsay Lohan punched in the eye was a psychic.… Read More

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TV Actors Who Badmouthed Their Own Shows

Hollywood has its share of actors who have regretted accepting roles that were embarrassing, but how bad do things have to get for a star to bad-mouth a project? What about an entire television series? We saw that happen yesterday when Two and a Half Men star Angus T. Jones closed one chapter in his life to start a new one. It seems that Jones has found God, which means he wants nothing to do with the “filth” that is the Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn-created sitcom. Even though Jones became the highest paid child star in television several years ago, he wants to get out of his $350,000 an episode contract so he can “walk with God.” We share more about his kerfuffle with the series after the break, and feature other TV actors who bad-mouthed their own shows. Tell us what names you’d add to the list in the comments section. … Read More

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Where Do ‘Community’ and Chevy Chase Go from Here?

You gotta give NBC this much: they understand how the concept of the “news dump” works. Back in May, the news of Dan Harmon’s unceremonious ousting as Community’s show runner broke late on a Friday evening, when most of the entertainment press had called it a week; similarly, word leaked of Community co-star Chevy Chase’s exit from the show on the night before Thanksgiving. It wasn’t an unexpected move — Chase’s run on the program hasn’t exactly been rainbows and puppy dogs (more on that presently) — but the timing was downright peculiar; this is the kind of thing that usually happens between seasons, and though the finale to the show’s abbreviated, 13-episode fourth season is in the can, at least two episodes remain to be shot, meaning Chase’s Pierce Hawthorne will weirdly disappear for at least part of the year.

Then again, would anybody really notice? Chase’s presence on the show — his first regular television work since the notorious late-night Chevy Chase Show fiasco back in ’93 — was something of a sell point, or at least a curiosity factor, when Community premiered back in 2009. But as the show’s ace ensemble gelled, Chase saw less screen time, which prompted him to grouse in the press, which probably led to even less screen time, as his character’s arc and plotlines began to reflect his own alienation from the show’s cast and crew. Now that he’s gone altogether, where do he and the show go from here? … Read More

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Chevy Chase Is Leaving ‘Community’

We already know that the 13-episode, fourth season of Community will be without show creator Dan Harmon, and according to Deadline, Chevy Chase is also leaving the beloved comedy series — immediately. We probably don’t have to remind you of the ugly feud between Harmon and the comedic actor, which resulted… Read More

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