Chevy Chase Is Leaving ‘Community’

We already know that the 13-episode, fourth season of Community will be without show creator Dan Harmon, and according to Deadline, Chevy Chase is also leaving the beloved comedy series — immediately. We probably don’t have to remind you of the ugly feud between Harmon and the comedic actor, which resulted… Read More

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20 Photos of Celebrities Exercising Their Right to Vote

Last week — just like us! — celebrities were weathering Hurricane Sandy. Today, they’re doing something else all regular Americans are (or should be) doing: voting. And since we now live in a “pics or it didn’t happen” culture, everyone from Beyoncé to Tim Gunn to Zooey Deschanel is photographing the process. After the jump, we round up Election Day’s best pictures of famous people in the voting booth, filling out their absentee ballots, and decking themselves out in red, white, and blue for the occasion. … Read More

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Is NBC “Tanking” Its Thursday Night Comedies?

No news is good news when it comes to NBC comedies. Over the summer, the network elected to pull Community from its critically beloved, low-rated Thursday-night lineup. Stripped of its iconoclastic showrunner, Dan Harmon, the series would air an abbreviated 13-episode season on Fridays opposite Whitney. 30 Rock’s final year and Up All Night’s second would also be cut short. Earlier this month we learned that Community would not, in fact, return October 19th. And this week, we got two more bizarre pieces of news: Community Season 4 was set to debut on Canada’s Citytv November 9th (now the Citytv has pushed that date back indefinitely) and Up All Night is taking a hiatus from filming with plans to return as a multi-camera sitcom in April. Then, as if to remind us of how unimportant these shows are to the network, NBC announced it was bumping tonight’s Parks and Recreation, The Office, and Up All Night in order to re-run Monday’s episode of The Voice for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. (In case you missed it, 30 Rock‘s election episode aired last night at 8.)

Maybe we’ve been paying too much attention to Jack Donaghy, but all these sudden changes make us worry that NBC is “tanking” last year’s Thursday night lineup. As strategies for getting rid of shows with tiny but vocal fanbases, inconsistency and neglect seem gentler than sudden cancellation. So, will any of the shows make it through the 2012-13 season intact? … Read More

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10 Unforgettable Zombie Apocalypses in TV History

From surprisingly awesome horror sequels and terrifying artwork to scary movie personality tests, we hope we’ve adequately provided you with a diverse range of activities for this Halloween. And with the day finally upon us, we’re rounding things out with a tried (and sometimes true) classic: the zombie apocalypse. Below we’ve collected some of TV’s greatest spins on the genre, a diverse list of sometimes scary, and often funny (reflexively speaking), episodes which could also double as some entertainment for this evening, or any day really, because zombies, they’re year-round now! Have a favorite TV zombie? Do share! … Read More

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‘Community’ Finally Has a Premiere Date: February 7, 2013

Community fans, have you been following all of today’s totally bizarre news? First, we heard that Canada’s Citytv would be premiering Season 4 next Friday, November 9th. That would have surely meant Canadians would see the new episodes before US viewers — and also that many of the show’s cultish American fans would… Read More

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10 Legendary TV Halloween Parties

Do you like Halloween parties? Or are you the kind of person who prefers to celebrate at home, watching horror movies with friends or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters? Well, thanks to the magic of television, you can (virtually) do both — experience all the fun of a great shindig with none of the effort. TV has brought us no shortage of spooky and hilarious Halloween parties over the years. Relive ten of our favorites, from How I Met Your Mother’s legendary “slutty pumpkin” party to Buffy’s demonic frat party, after the jump. … Read More

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10 TV Cliques We’d Like to Hang With

One of the qualities of a good hang-out show is getting to live vicariously through the crazy adventures of a group of friends that are far cooler than we’ll ever be, for their quick-witted banter, complex schemes, unlimited brunch/booze budget, and ability to sleep with one another without getting weird. And because Happy Endingsone of the most underrated hang-out shows on TV, in our opinion — is returning tonight, we decided to pay tribute to some of the most awesome friends in TV history. Is there a clique you would like to hang (or not hang) with? Let us know!  … Read More

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Watch Dan Harmon in a Short Documentary About a ‘Community’-Inspired Art Show

We didn’t get the season premiere of Community last Friday, as originally planned, and we imagine the show’s vocal fans are growing restless. So, here’s the next best thing: a half-hour documentary on Six Seasons and a Movie, PixelDrip Gallery’s recent exhibition of art inspired by the sitcom. The film features interviews with everyone from Community writers and cast members to participating artists to Suzanne Scott, a critical studies PhD and the author of Revenge of the Fanboy: Convergence Culture and the Politics of Incorporation. For anyone who’s interested in fan culture, Six Seasons and a Movie is fascinating. It also boasts one thing the upcoming season of Community doesn’t have: Dan Harmon. Watch the doc below, and visit Splitsider to see extended interviews with Harmon and writer Megan Ganz. … Read More

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Exclusive Supercut: 50 TV Characters in Hilarious Halloween Costumes

It’s no secret we’ve spent a lot of October covering DIY Halloween getups. But for those who would rather live vicariously through others, or who are still looking for some inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of if the funniest costumes in TV history. Also, if anyone can explain how Penny and Max’s “mom-and-baby” costume works (see opening clip), would you mind dropping us a line in the comments? We’ve been scratching our heads on the logistics of that one for a while. … Read More

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The 15 Funniest TV Characters Right Now

Is Andy Dwyer the funniest character on TV? We know we struggle to keep a straight face every time Chris Pratt is on the screen in Parks and Recreation, between his sweetly doofy lines and his perfectly timed pratfalls. (As our colleague Kim Gardner reminds us, he makes an excellent FBI agent, too.) Our love of Andy got us thinking about who else might qualify as television’s most hilarious character right now, so we surveyed the Flavorpill staff to get their picks. See the 15 they shouted out — including now fewer than three more Parks and Rec characters — after the jump. … Read More

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