Daft Punk

“Get Lucky,” Performed in Mario Paint

Ah, the enduring legacy of Mario Paint, the video game released in 1992 that allowed teens across America to finally… Read More

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‘New York Times’ Writes Article About Daft Punk, Can’t Be Bothered to Learn Their Names

Journalism is so hard, you guys. There’s so much research and reporting required, and then you actually have to communicate… Read More

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Why Do Americans Need Our Electronic Musicians to Look Like Cartoon Characters?

As plenty of commentators (including Flavorwire) have pointed out, Daft Punk’s sudden rise into the commercial stratosphere coincided with the adoption of their now-iconic robot personas. Their journey from being middle-ranking producers with a flair for the crossover market to globe-conquering fauxbotic superstars started the minute they decided to grab a pair of converted motorcycle helmets and pretend to be androids. Why is it, though, that the US market seems to need its electronic music to be made by people with such strong visual identities? Why do we need our producers to have gimmicks and wear masks? … Read More

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Why Daft Punk’s ‘Random Access Memories’ Won’t Save Electronic Music

These are strange times for electronic music. The rise of what the US insists on calling EDM, along with a second wave of superstar DJs, means the genre’s more popular than it’s ever been. A second wave of superstar DJs walk the globe, commanding crazy appearance fees and lengthy GQ profiles. Into all of this comes the return of Daft Punk, the duo that somehow ended up as the biggest electronic act of the 1990s and is thus indirectly responsible for at least partially kick-starting the metamorphosis of electronic music from niche genre to commercial… Read More

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