I Have Become the “I See Culture Differently Now That I’m a Parent!” Asshole I Used to Hate

“And don’t gimme that weak shit, ‘Well, I love my children!’ Fuck you. Everybody loves their children. Doesn’t make them special.” – George Carlin

So, we had a baby. Her name is Lucille, and she’s just over two months old, and I’ve mentioned her before. About three weeks after she was born, as our first “night out” without her, my wife and I went to a media screening of Gravity, and, well, the movie clobbered us like a bag of hammers. Much of this, certainly, was due to the craftsmanship of Cuaron’s filmmaking, the sensitivity of the acting, and the power of the picture’s spiritual themes. But who are we kidding: the movie affected us like it did because it spoke so powerfully to our recent experience. And in processing that reaction, and defending it, I’ve gotta be honest: I’m starting to turn into the kind of person I used to loathe. … Read More

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Does It Actually Matter How “True” Our “True Story” Movies Are?

Look, it’s not that I make a habit of reading the message boards at IMDb, a pool of intellectualism falling somewhere between an Ain’t It Cool News comment section and the bathroom wall scrawlings of a particularly noxious truck stop. But when I was on the site a couple of weeks back while writing my rave of Paul Greengrass’ Captain Phillips (out today in wide release), a posting labeled “The Real Story…” caught my eye, and I executed an eye roll that nearly gave me a migraine. Here they go again, I thought. You see, it’s prestige movie season, and since “true stories” are such proven awards bait, we’re going to have to hear a whole lotta nattering about the details and inaccuracies in all of them. It’s as much a yearly ritual as the Oscar derby itself, and nearly as ridiculous, because such nitpicking has next to nothing to do with the value of the films themselves. … Read More

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9 Stunning and Clever Alternate ‘Gravity’ Posters

Great pop art can inspire great pop art, and the surprising box office and unsurprising critical success of Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity prompted the wonderful folks over at Short List to pay a design-related tribute to the film: they commissioned nine excellent artists to design their own alternate posters for the film, and the results (from throwback to abstract) are stunning. Check them out below. … Read More

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Does It Matter That ‘Gravity’ Has a Woman Protagonist?

Gravity, the Alfonso Cuarón-helmed space odyssey that nearly everyone loves, broke October box-office records over the weekend, taking in over $56.6 million. It has also been sold to us as groundbreaking on another score: the gender of its protagonist. In every pre-release interview, both Cuarón and Sandra Bullock have been at pains to point out that it’s a rare thing to have an action movie with a female protagonist. … Read More

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