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Gift Guide: What to Buy the Highbrow Literature Lover Who’s Read Everything

So you have a literature-loving friend who has read it all. Classics? Try reading them in Greek. Shakespeare? Try acting those plays. Dead Russians? This friend has insights into Anna Karenina that you’ve never considered, and frankly, they sound a little like bullshit. … Read More

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Gift Guide: What to Buy the Witch in Your Life This Holiday Season

Sure, you might associate witchcraft mostly with Hallowe’en, but magick can happen all year round. And considering the pagan influences still palpable in our contemporary holiday season, why keep yourself from lavishing gifts on the best (or baddest) witch in your life? You could even give a few of these gifts to those who haven’t yet dabbled in witchcraft, and remind those afraid of magick that it doesn’t all have to be eyes of newts and hexes. Here’s a guide to what you can get for your witchy loved ones (or yourselves!) this holiday season, with special thanks to the Internet’s resident clean person / sister of the moon, Jolie Kerr, for the helpful suggestions. … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Official David Bowie Holiday Gift Guide

“An entire holiday gift guide devoted to David Bowie? Isn’t that just a bit much?” you might ask. To which we might respond, “You realize this is Flavorwire you’re reading, right?” Publication-wide fandom aside, this year of wall-to-wall Bowie — when he released his first album of new material in a decade and was celebrated with an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert — may have been the best time for admiring the great man since the 1970s. And so we implore you to indulge us as we round up the most wonderful Bowie-related merchandise to delight your beloved Flavorwire staff the hardcore fan in your life this holiday season. … Read More

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10 Awesome Holiday Gifts for the Movie Geek in Your Life

As you’ve possibly noticed, the holiday season is upon us — as is the holiday gift guide season. We’ve already helpfully offered up suggestions for the music lovers, bookworms, and even cat people on your list; now on to the cinephiles, those grouchy movie-lovers who seldom see daylight, yet will hopefully enjoy something from this assortment of books, discs, and other tree-ready paraphernalia. … Read More

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10 Awesome Holiday Gifts For the Music Geek in Your Life

Music nerds can be hard to buy for, mainly because they almost certainly already own pretty much any record you can think of getting them (and many you wouldn’t have ever heard of, obviously). But never fear, because there are still plenty of music-related consumer items on which you can spend your Christmas budget to impress the geekiest of music geeks. Here’s a selection of ideas, from fancy box sets and music books to retro listening devices and an Iggy Pop action figure. (No,… Read More

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12 Delightful Gifts for the Culturally Savvy Cat Lover

The love of a great cat is not something one can celebrate openly. Those who would counter with the Internet’s great love of cats forget that you cannot respond to someone showing you a picture of their baby with your corresponding cat pic. You have to find other ways to express your appreciation of the feline kind, and you also have to do it in a way that indicates that you are slightly self-aware about how the only people who openly worship cats usually end up being arrested in raids of dilapidated townhouses. The best way for all cat lovers to do this is to simply appreciate cat-related cultural material. Here are our picks for the gifts you can give this holiday season that say, “I know you love cats. And that’s OK!” … Read More

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Flavorwire’s Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Gifts for 50 Cultural Icons

Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for tradition, so here’s one of Flavorwire‘s long-time favorites: doling out gifts to some of contemporary culture’s biggest and boldest icons. Whether they’re dead or alive, naughty or nice, whether they’ve been a cultural touchstone for five decades or five minutes — everyone deserves presents this time of year, right? So with that in mind, click through to find the perfect gift for the Miley Cyrus, Joss Whedon, or J-Law in your life. You know you’ve got… Read More

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Designer Toys for Grown-Ups

The holidays are a time for families and loved ones to celebrate togetherness, and they tend to arouse feelings of nostalgia that recall simpler times. The days of being a child and enjoying hours with your favorite toy don’t have to be a distant memory. There are plenty of playthings for grown-ups that encourage similar exploration and fun. We’ve gathered some of our favorite toys that emphasize great design, responsible materials, and conceptual artistry. … Read More

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2013′s Best Books to Give as Gifts

If you’ve got a coffee table or bank account big enough to collect all of them, 2013 was a pretty fine year for beautifully packaged books that were interesting reads, but could also make any room look smarter. For those of you who plan to give books as gifts this holiday season, we’ve collected some excellent options published within the past 12… Read More

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