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A Look at Wes Anderson’s Go-To Actors and ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Wes Anderson’s latest, Moonrise Kingdom, has had us chattering for quite a while. The offbeat coming-of-age tale set in ’60s New England is yet another modern classic from every contemporary indie-film geek’s favorite director and, unsurprisingly, it features some familiar faces from previous Anderson flicks. Like many serious moviemakers, the auteur has certain actors he keeps going back to, so we’re continuing our obsession with a look at Wes Anderson’s go-to performers — some of whom currently join “newcomers” Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, and Ed Norton on the fictional island of New Penzance in theaters across the nation. … Read More

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Video Essay: “And Introducing… Famous Faces in Their Film Debuts”

This week’s must-see DVD for film fans is Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel, Alex Stapleton’s wickedly enjoyable documentary profile of Roger Corman, the B-movie master whose exploitation movies launched half the moviemakers and movie stars of the ’70s. One of the film’s highlights is Jack Nicholson’s remembrances of his first movie roles, including his debut performance in The Little Shop of Horrors (which Corman shot in all of two days). Nicholson’s story got us thinking about other stars and their first movie roles, so we put together this quick video essay with a peek at some other famous film debuts. Check out our latest video essay after the jump. … Read More

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Rate-a-Trailer: Luke Wilson in Middle Men

If you’d forgotten how different life was during the ’90s web boom, there’s a line in the trailer for Middle Men that provides some nice context. Luke Wilson turns to one of his business partners (Gabriel Macht) who’s claiming to be broke and says, “You’ve got a check here for $2 million and it’s under a candy bar,” to which he replies, “And what, that’s a bad thing?” The drama, which also stars Giovanni Ribisi, Kelsey Grammer, and James Caan, is inspired by the true story of Jack Harris, the man who “invented” internet porn. Take a peek and let us know if you think it looks more exciting than the summer’s other major computer geek movie, The Social Network. … Read More

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