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2013 in Music: The Year Virality Trumped Nuance

There have been plenty of wonderful things about music this year. These albums. This photo. The emergence of new talents like Majical Cloudz and Savages, and the unexpected return of established ones like David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine. Angel Haze’s 30 Gold series and her subsequent schooling of her record company. The continuing absence of the Black Eyed Peas. But if there’s been one abiding image this year, it’s been that of Miley Cyrus and her remarkably gymnastic tongue. … Read More

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Miley Cyrus’ AMA Performance Was a Middle Finger Pointed at the Internet

Much of the media is perplexed by what Miley Cyrus did at the American Music Awards last night. At the Daily News, Jim Farber puns, “You might call it a cat-astrophic performance” and then — you know, just in case we forgot that Cyrus smokes The Marijuana — pronounces that the act “looked like something the singer might have dreamed up after taking a deep toke on that joint she lit up on MTV’s EMA show.” Poor AP music writer Chris Talbott wants to know, “What was that exactly?” and eventually decides there’s “no way can we explain it. Playfully absurdist, it was a moment Salvador Dalí would be proud of.” (I think the artist he was reaching for there was Marcel Duchamp, but whatever.) Rolling Stone‘s Mike Ayers articulates this morning’s broader consensus, calling it a “rather tame outing.” But was it, really? … Read More

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Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga: A Tale of Two Pot Smokers

Twenty-Year-Old American Woman Smokes Marijuana in Amsterdam. It doesn’t exactly sound like front-page news, but boy is the media going nuts over the fact that Miley Cyrus puffed on a joint during her performance at Sunday’s MTV Europe Music Awards. Here are some of the actual headlines: “What a Dope! Miley Cyrus Puffs Marijuana Onstage at MTV EMAs in Amsterdam”; “Miley Cyrus shocks yet again as she lets it all hang out and smokes ‘joint’ on stage at MTV Europe Music Awards”; “Pothead Miley Cyrus Lights Up Marijuana Joint Onstage.”  … Read More

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Simon Doonan’s Retrograde Rant About Female Pop Stars Belongs on Fox News

Slate is rightly known for its contrarianism; indeed, its writers tend to rejoice in it. This is generally fine — it’s always good to have an outlet for dissenting and unconventional opinions. Of late, though, they’ve outdone themselves as far as publishing clueless tracts about gender politics goes. First there was Emily “Dear Prudence” Yoffe’s depressing and ill-advised decision to wheel out the “women shouldn’t drink because it leads to sexual assault” argument. Even that, however, was trumped by “hilarious” fashion “personality” Simon Doonan’s preposterous piece yesterday about Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and other “porn-inspired pop divas.” Published under the giggle-inducing sub-LiveJournal headline “I Do Not Like Miley’s Outfit,” Doonan’s rant managed to be classist, sexist, borderline racist, and offensive to just about everyone, all within the space of 1000 words. … Read More

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The Problem With Making Miley Cyrus the Lightning Rod for All Our Angst About Female Sexuality

This post is not about Miley Cyrus. Well, at least, it’s no more about Miley Cyrus than anything else that’s been written in relation to her in the last week or so — because really, over the six weeks since her already infamous VMAs performance, the discussion about America’s newest controversial pop star has slowly shifted from discussions of Cyrus herself (or, god forbid, her music) to a sort of generalized discussion about the social trends that she’s perceived as representing or embodying. In this respect, much as I hate to draw a parallel that can’t help sounding like SEO gold, she’s this year’s Lana Del Rey: an artist whose persona has become a battleground over which people fight pitched ideological skirmishes that have very little to do with the artist in question. … Read More

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Miley Cyrus Has Removed Her Name From Every iTunes Item Related to ‘Hannah Montana’

In her latest attempt to break away from her past, Miley Cyrus is separating her name from the Disney alter… Read More

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Watch Miley Cyrus Perform A Cappella With Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

In her continued promotion for her brand-new album Bangerz, Cyrus performed “We Can’t Stop” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon… Read More

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Just the Music: A Tabloid Headline-Free Review of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Bangerz’

We’ve all heard more than enough about Miley Cyrus of late: the twerking, the documentary, the music video with Lucifer Terry Richardson. What’s been rather overlooked in all the kerfuffle is that she has a new album out. And so, in the return of a semi-regular feature wherein we try to consider an artist’s music on its own merits, rather than getting caught up in its context and publicity — we listened to Bangerz all the way through, repeatedly, because we love our readers and we don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily. The verdict? Read on… … Read More

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The Best and Worst of Last Night’s ‘SNL’ with Miley Cyrus

It was an incredibly tense week for host and musical guest Miley Cyrus, but despite rumors that her feud with Sinéad O’Connor would become fodder for an SNL sketch (with a giant foam middle finger), there was no reference to the whole open letter mess. The series did manage to shove Cyrus’ VMA controversy aside immediately, tackling her new public persona in the opener (“Hannah Montana was murdered,” the pop idol tells us during her monologue). The political gags were saved for a remake of the singer’s video for “We Can’t Stop,” starring Cyrus as a tarted up Michele Bachmann twerking all over Taran Killam’s John Boehner. Things went from wild to mild for the rest of the episode, but there were several subtle references to Cyrus’ transformation that stuck with us. See more of last night’s best and worst, below. … Read More

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