Orange Is the New Black

‘Orange Is the New Black’ Made Prison Clothes Trendy, So Prisons Are Going Back to Black

While I haven’t noticed people switching to orange or khaki jumpsuits en masse on the streets of New York City,… Read More

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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 2 Episodes 9-10 Recap

The unique thing about “40 Oz. of Furlough” — besides the fact that the episode has the best title of Season 2 — is that the flashbacks take place entirely in prison. This episode’s focus is on both Red and Vee, revealing their past connection while going back to when the two first met while serving time together. Their relationship has been built on distrust since day one, and we finally learn why. … Read More

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No, ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Doesn’t Need to Focus on Men’s Stories

This morning, The Atlantic published a piece by Noah Berlatsky about the “irresponsible portrayal of men” on Orange Is the New BlackOrange, a groundbreaking show with a wonderful and admirably diverse cast, is set inside a women’s prison, and the characters definitely reflect that setting. It’s a show created by a woman (Jenji Kohan), based on a memoir written by a woman (Piper Kerman). It’s a show that aims to tell women’s stories — and it succeeds masterfully — but Berlatsky’s complaint, naturally, is that the show “barely, and inadequately” represents men. … Read More

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The Weird World of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Tie-Ins

Last Friday, Netflix unleashed 13 more episodes of Orange Is the New Black on the world. The existence of these new and fantastically written episodes were not enough to satiate us, so we were also given a handful of strange OITNB tie-ins. TV show tie-ins aren’t uncommon, and are usually quite clever — the Fakeblock app from Netflix’s season of Arrested Development rings a bell — but most of the Orange Is the New Black promotional stunts are strange and tone-deaf, and only tangentially related to the actual program. … Read More

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‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 2 Episodes 1-2 Recap

“I think I’ve moved beyond stress into something more deeply disturbing,” Piper Chapman says in the Season 2 premiere. She’s sitting on a plane after being pulled out of solitary but has no idea where she’s going and no one will fill her in. It’s been a while since we’ve last seen Piper and presumably a while since she’s last seen anyone, as she’s been locked in the SHU busying herself with using her breakfast to create “art” on the walls. … Read More

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‘Orange Is the New Black’ Is Even More Powerful — and Addictive — in Season 2

Here’s the short review: If you loved Season 1 of Orange Is the New Black, then you will love Season 2. You might, I strongly suspect, love it even more. You will certainly race through the 13 episodes as quickly as you can, perhaps even in one viewing, pausing only for bathroom breaks or to answer the door for food delivery. OITNB is the very definition of an addictive TV series. It doesn’t just manage to remain engaging while dramatizing a milieu of people whose lives are characterized by boredom and passing time, but it manages to do so effortlessly. … Read More

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Your ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 1 Refresher Course

The breakout Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black returns for Season 2 this Friday. It’s been about 11 months since Season 1 appeared on the Internet like a beautiful summer gift, tailor-made for binge-watching on a lazy weekend afternoon. If you watched it all at once, as I did (twice in a row!), and haven’t revisited it since then, you may be a little hazy on certain details. There is still time to marathon the season again before Friday, but just in case you’re busy with life, here’s a recap of all the important moments from each episode.

… Read More

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Laverne Cox Is a Woman, Despite What Some Dude Might Opine to an Audience of Millions

Last week, Time released the cover for its most recent issue, featuring actress Laverne Cox. I wrote some words on Thursday about how powerful this is — that a mainstream publication is offering an enlightening take on the transgender experience, and that the most public face of the trans rights movement is a woman of color, are both incredible milestones. And, of course, the response has not been completely positive, although I’ve personally been lucky to avoid any of that online. Until today. … Read More

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‘Orange Is the New Black': The Internet’s Best Piper/Alex Fan Art

If there is one thing that TV fans love, it’s shipping their favorite characters. Orange Is the New Black, which will release its second season on Netflix next Friday, June 6, is a prison comedy-drama with a huge and incredible cast, and plenty of various shipping opportunities. The most popular pairing is Alex and Piper, ex-girlfriends who reconnect after being thrown into prison together — despite the fact that Piper is engaged to a man named Larry (who isn’t exactly a fan favorite). Here is a roundup of the best Piper/Alex fan art found on the web. … Read More

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