Orange Is the New Black

Flavorwire’s Most Fascinating People of 2013

It wouldn’t be the end of the year without an onslaught of top ten lists, and perhaps the least fascinating one is the most obvious: Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people of the year. She announced nine of the ten picks this week, and they’re not too surprising: Miley Cyrus, Kanye and Kim, the guys from Duck Dynasty, Jennifer Lawrence, Prince George. Yes, the baby. Walters’ picks, of course, give us the inspiration to come up with out own favorite pop culture heavyweights of the year. Here’s who we’d choose as the most fascinating — and each one of them can actually articulate thoughts through… Read More

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The Particular Irony of an ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Blackface Halloween Costume

The Internet recently went alight with the news that the media personality Julianne Hough went to a Halloween party in blackface this weekend. Ostensibly, she was dressed up as the character “Crazy Eyes,” from Orange Is the New Black. In reality, she simply put what appears to be a shipping container’s worth of bronzer on her face. There were some hair stylings best left undiscussed. It was unquestionably, unqualifiedly racist, as many of my favorite writers — I’ll point you to Roxane Gay and Rembert Browne, for starters — have explained. Not that people will listen. … Read More

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This Year Was the Turning Point for Intelligent Television

Despite the oft-repeated assertion that this is the Golden Age of Television, TV has typically not been too kind to smart, well-written shows. When a network puts an underdog series like Bunheads or Happy Endings on the cutting board, it’s hard not to go from panic to complete resignation. Too many of us have had to get used to the phrase “brilliant but cancelled,” and for a long time it’s looked like daring television just isn’t all that lucrative. Thankfully, recent reports prove this might finally be changing: believe it or not, critical darlings are actually making money. … Read More

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25 Things to Read, Watch, and Listen to If You Loved ‘Orange Is the New Black’

We’re still adjusting to the new model of Netflix-produced television, in which a whole season of a TV show is immediately available for anyone with an account to stream. In the case of the recently released and highly acclaimed prison dramedy Orange Is The New Black, we were all for this. Like many others, we devoured the 13 episodes of the first season within a few days and are ready for more. But it’s going to be a while before the next season, and one of the best features of this show was the hunger it instilled in us for more knowledge about both the world of the characters, the actors who play them and the all too real issues that their struggles are based on. We’ve put together a list of things you should definitely check out if you’re jonesing for the next season, from silly sitcoms comedies to harrowing investigative journalism and everything in between. … Read More

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Minimalist Posters for ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Characters

If you’ve finished binge-watching Orange Is the New Black, perhaps you’ve found it difficult to pick out one character as your favorite. Maybe it’ll be easier, then, to decide which one of these posters, created and posted to Tumblr by a Brazilian design student named Renis, each dedicated to a different fictional inmate at the federal prison in Litchfield, NY, is your favorite. Each character is represented by a specific object that consumes her passion while serving her sentence.  … Read More

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Television on the Spectrum: The Best (and Worst) Depictions of Asperger Syndrome on TV

Asperger syndrome is no longer in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders — the DSM kids are calling it an autism spectrum disorder these days — but it’s still all over our television screens. It seems like no TV show is complete anymore without a charming and/or abrasive weirdo who has issues with social cues, eye contact, and the occasional hallucination involving deer antlers.

As both a person with Asperger’s and an obsessive television watcher, these characters are pretty serious business for me, and it’s important to me that writers and actors portray them as accurately and honestly as possible. I also want to make sure they’re entertaining. So, using my mad meticulous and intensely focused spectral skills, I’ve assessed 15 of the small screen’s Aspergian, autistic, and “autistish” characters and ranked them from best to… Read More

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