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Remembering Robin Williams: Flavorwire Staff’s Favorite Performances

Since his death yesterday, Robin Williams has been memorialized through countless tributes, including Flavorwire’s own. As a performer, however, Williams will mostly live on through his work. A nearly four-decade career has left us with a wealth of characters, running the gamut from dramatic to comedic, stirring to hysterical. Here are some of the roles and performances that meant the most to Flavorwire staffers, from Dead Poets Society to Jumanji.  … Read More

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Robin Williams and the Myth of “Battling” Depression

I don’t really have a great deal to say about Robin Williams’ death, beyond the obvious: it’s tragic, and awful, and I feel terrible for his family and friends and everyone else who knew him. Two people I knew — both friends, at different stages of my life — have killed themselves in the last month, and the feeling is the same: sadness, and a measure of bewilderment, and sympathy, and loss. Suicide is an act that makes perfect, terrifying sense if you’re suicidal, and no sense at all if you’re not. If you don’t understand why someone would kill themselves, I’m happy for you, and I hope that you never do. … Read More

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The Underrated Acting Legacy of Robin Williams

People are writing about Robin Williams. There will be much more writing about him. It started on social media, when the sad and horrifying news of his death, by apparent suicide, broke last night; it felt like we knew him, so long had he been a part of our lives, and we wanted to talk about him. Now there are obituaries and testimonials, remembrances and praise. Because Mr. Williams’ talent was so copious, because he did — and excelled at — so many things, there are many ways to consider him: as a groundbreaking stand-up comedian, as a childhood hero (if you’re my age, it’s from Mork and Popeye; for younger viewers, it’s Aladdin and Doubtfire and Jumanji), as a humanitarian, as a mentor, as an open book who shared his struggles with substances and mental health. He was all of those things. He was also one of our most talented and versatile actors—a man whose gifts were, through much of his life, wildly underappreciated. … Read More

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Robin Williams Dead in Apparent Suicide

Robin Williams was found dead earlier today (August 11) at his Bay Area home, in what is believed to… Read More

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The Best Life Advice From Movie Dads

Father’s Day is coming right up, and you know what that means: time to make a run to your favorite tie shop, or cigar store, or butcher. But why not put forth a little more effort for dear old dad this year, eh? After all, fathers are an endless source of vital life advice — at least, according to the movies. So, in the continuing spirit of gleaning tips for living from cinematic parents, we present some of the best advice from movie dads: … Read More

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