The Wolf of Wall Street

Kevin Roose’s ‘Young Money’ Is About Wall Street’s Misery, Not Its Debauchery

It’s not exactly news that a lot of people who work in the finance industry are horrible, terrible, no-good people. In fact, at this point it’s practically an article of faith. In that context, it’s hard to say why a piece by Kevin Roose at New York magazine feels so shocking. He reports on the goings-on at Kappa Beta Phi, a sort of financial fraternity for people too damn old to be in a fraternity. Roose crashed their party, a sort of “roast” whose object seemed to be “politicians, the poor, and basically anyone who’s not actually in the room,” which makes it not at all a roast actually, but no matter. Hijinks ensue! … Read More

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Former Banker Wonders: Where Are the Women of Wall Street?

We’re all too familiar with the greedy, male banker type, immortalized in Wall Street, American Psycho, Other People’s Money, and… Read More

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Great News! ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Creators Don’t Know What It All Means, Either

Debate continues to rage over whether The Wolf of Wall Street is an sales pitch for the behavior it depicts or a searing indictment of Wall Street’s excesses. Movie critics and, well, others, are getting kind of defensive about this one! Possibly because no one wants to be seen as apologizing for terrible behavior, and also possibly because there is a level on which a debate about how a film “feels” about its characters becomes incredibly stupid. Because, and it’s sad this needs to be said, films don’t actually have any “feelings.” … Read More

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