Tyler the Creator

Exclusive: Play Tyler, the Creator Bingo!

As we discussed yesterday, for all that Tyler, the Creator’s new album Wolf is a listening experience that’s alternately intriguing and infuriating, it must be said that it’s largely the latter. So, if you’re going to listen to the record, we suggest that you do so with the aid of our exclusive Tyler, the Creator bingo card. Tick off his repeated lyrical tropes and eventually you’ll win… well, nothing, really, but it’s fun anyway. You may notice something of a theme across the card — but hey, we didn’t have to include a rape square this time around, so that’s progress, right? … Read More

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Why Do We Still Care About Tyler, the Creator?

Really, what is there to say about a Tyler, the Creator album in 2013? Wolf is out tomorrow, and you’ve probably already made your mind up about it, whether you’ve heard it or not. For his part, Tyler claims he doesn’t care what reviewers have to say, and neither do his oh-so-charming fans. This is a record that exists as a fait accompli, the creation of someone who’s done a prize job of trolling the music industry for the best part of three years, whose entire career consists of professionally Not Giving A Fuck. … Read More

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10 MP3s You Need To Download For Free This Week: Tyler, the Creator and Toro Y Moi, Talib Kweli

It’s Friday, and we’re back with another installment of our regular roundup of downloadable MP3 goodness from around the web. This week, there’s a collaboration between Tyler, the Creator and Toro Y Moi that’s really not bad at all, the return of Talib Kweli (although not, sadly, Black Star), excellent new tracks from Maria Minerva and Black Marble, rocking old school house from Screaming Rachael, an indescribably awesome sitar funk Morricone epic from La Piramide Di Sangue, and plenty more. In other words, there’s plenty of interesting sounds awaiting you after the jump, and since they won’t cost a penny or land you an RIAA lawsuit, as your attorneys we advise you to start downloading immediately. … Read More

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Tracy Morgan and Tyler, The Creator: How to Get Away with Homophobia

Regular readers will know that we’re not exactly big fans of Tyler, The Creator and his “Ur All Faggots” shtick. But even so, we can’t help noticing the contrast between a couple of stories that have emerged over the last couple of days — one involving Tyler and another involving 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan. As has been well-documented, Morgan’s mouth got him into hot water back in June, when he said that if his son announced he was gay, Morgan would “pull out a knife and stab that little nigga to death.” Anyway, this week it was reported that the whole sorry business might be written into the script of the next season of 30 Rock, because, y’know, it’s hilarious, right? Tyler, meanwhile, has drawn continued condemnation, this time from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation after his victory at the VMAs: “Given Tyler’s history of [homophobic and misogynistic] remarks, viewers and potential sponsors should refrain from honoring homophobia and in the future look to a more deserving artist.” … Read More

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Why Tyler, The Creator Needs to Grow Up

“I have gay fans,” Tyler, the Creator told MTV earlier this week. “They don’t really take it offensive, so I don’t know. If it offends you, it offends you.” This was his latest response to the accusations of homophobia that have dogged him over his short career, accusations largely catalysed by his persistent and casual use of the word “faggot” in his rhymes and his Tweets. “If you call me a nigger,” he continued, “I really don’t care, but that’s just me, personally. Some people might take it the other way; I personally don’t give a shit.” The implication: they’re just words. But here’s the thing. Words are precious, powerful things. We dismiss and devalue them at our peril. And Tyler, the Creator needs to a) grow up and b) think about what he says. … Read More

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