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See If You Can Catch All the Guest Stars in Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young” Video

Because burning Saabs do not a real music video make, Vampire Weekend have released a more action-packed companion to their… Read More

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A Track-by-Track Guide to Vampire Weekend’s ‘Modern Vampires of the City’

With the 2010 release of Vampire Weekend’s sophomore record Contra, New York Times magazine writer Andy Gensler dubbed the New York quartet’s style “Upper West Side Soweto,” thus anointing (and perhaps, tainting) the band as connoisseurs of style. But their mastery of pastiche demonstrates, above all, an acute awareness of the global musical landscape and the multiple places in which they fit into it. Their drawing from a retrospective palette of the rich music that came before it is not so much cut and paste as much as it is careful sonic application. Through the art of borrowing, Vampire Weekend came to acquire its own inimitable style. … Read More

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An Interactive Map of Vampire Weekend’s Many Geographical References

“I used to front like Angkor Wat…” Oh yes, it’s a new Vampire Weekend album, all right. Modern Vampires of the Citynow streaming at iTunes — is the third album-length example of Ezra Koenig et al’s patented preppy Paul Simon/Peter Gabriel-chic indie rock, and it’s full of the band’s usual lyrical references to the sort of exotic places where they probably played tennis with wooden rackets before sipping Pimm’s on the lawn. There are so many geographical names dropped in the band’s songs, in fact, that it seemed high time to collate them all as pins on a fancy Google map. Click through to discover which continents Koenig’s trust fund and/or tour schedule haven’t sent him to yet (spoiler: South America and Australia). … Read More

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Watch Vampire Weekend and Yeah Yeah Yeahs Perform on ‘Jools Holland’

Last night, Vampire Weekend and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs performed live on BBC’s Later…With Jools Holland, making it the best… Read More

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Bill de Blasio Tries to Get Vampire Weekend’s Vote in Promo Clip Featuring Steve Buscemi

After an endearing performance of the band’s new single “Diane Young” at New York’s Easter parade, Steve Buscemi stars in… Read More

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7 Music Videos More Destructive Than Vampire Weekend’s “Diane Young”

You’d think it would be hard for a music video that’s practically a still life to offend anyone, but this year prepster darlings Vampire Weekend have been taking heat for the video for new single “Diane Young,” which shows an old Saab bursting into flames with downtown Manhattan in the background. Frontman Ezra Koenig has clarified that the vehicles in question were old, out of order, and dirt cheap — and we’d like to remind the offended car lovers that Vampire Weekend are hardly the most extreme when it comes to making destructive music videos. Read on for the most chaotic clips, from combusting drum sets to a kids’ birthday party from hell to a Hunger Games-style rap epic. … Read More

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