The 10 Weirdest Celebrity Funerals

It’s coming up on the one-year anniversary of that three-ring circus that was Michael Jackson’s funeral — we hope you kept your rhinestone-encrusted gloves at the ready — and though 2010 hasn’t seen anything quite that spectacular, we’ve already had our share of bizarre celebrity memorials. There’s Corey Haim’s family’s fight with the city of Toronto over who should pay for his funeral, and Gary Coleman’s request to have his ashes scattered over train tracks. But these pale in comparison to some of the, um, death-styles of the rich and famous. From having your mourners smoke your ashes to being buried in  piano-shaped tomb, we present the craziest celebrity funerals of all time.

1. Jimmy Dean

When the country music legend — and inventor of the pancake-wrapped breakfast corndog — died earlier this month, he left very specific instructions for his burial. To wit: that he would be entombed in a $350,000 piano-shaped mausoleum that he purchased several years before his death. And the inscription on the piano? “Here lies one hell of a man.” Indeed he was.