Photo Essay: Paper Tiger TV Visits the Gulf of Mexico

Adda Birnir and I went down to the Gulf on behalf of Paper Tiger Television to make a short video about how individual community members are dealing with the BP oil spill. With Katrina fresh in their minds, a lot of the locals don’t trust the government or BP to look out for their best interests and believe that it is up to them to organize and make sure that the many environmental, economic, and social consequences of the disaster are being addressed.

This past week Paper Tiger blog paid a tribute to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster by live streaming directly from the BP web site eight digital video clips of the oil leak filmed by underwater cameras. Our finished video will be posted on the blog by late next week. Check it all out PTTV’s website, and click through to view a gallery of images from our trip.

Photo credit: David McDonough

This is a display outside of a tattoo parlor in Larose, LA, which is about 45 minutes north on Route 1 of Grand Isle, the place where oil first made landfall. The paintings and sculptures were created by Bobby and Eric, owner and employee of the parlor, respectively, and were made in order to express their frustration with the situation.