Now & Then: Redesigned Book Covers

If a rose is only as good as its petals, is a classic novel only as good as its flaps? Over the years, the covers of many of our favorite books have been reinterpreted by different artists (and publishers and sales reps, most likely) to varying degrees of success. We could all do with a new set of drapes now and again, it’s true, but some changes are better than others. While some of these covers have clearly been redesigned with an eye towards picking up a new kind of consumer, others are just “modernized” or simply “ruined.” Peep 14 before and after cover designs for yourself after the jump, and let us know whether you prefer the classic or the nouveau.

1984 by George Orwell
The earlier version is significantly sexier than the later. But we must admit we love the raw psychotic scrawl — in this and all things.

1955, Signet Edition

2009, Penguin UK