The 10 Most Expensive Pieces of Celebrity Memorabilia

Over the weekend, three X-rays of Marilyn Monroe’s chest were sold for a grand total of $45,000 at a movie memorabilia auction in Las Vegas. The X-rays were originally taken from a hospital visit in 1954, when Monroe was 28. Experts estimated the X-rays would fetch $3,000, but it turns out the price of owning objects that have some sort of relationship to famous people, no matter how tenuous, is worth a whole lot more.

To celebrate celebrities — because that’s what they’re for, aren’t they? — we decided to make a list of cherished memorabilia that people were willing to pay a hefty fee to possess. The list includes a helmet, wig, and pair of glasses.

1. Darth Vader’s Helmet

Olympic fencing champion Bob Anderson wore this Dearth Vader helmet for the fight sequences in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The universally feared helmet sold for $115,000 at an auction in April 2003.

2. The Dukes of Hazzard‘s General Lee

When John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the hit series The Dukes of Hazzard, decided to sell his personal 1969 “General Lee” Dodge Charger, he was surprised how badly people wanted it. In May 2007, Schneider ended up selling the car on for $9,900,500.

3. Metropolis Movie Poster

In 2005, a private collector paid $690,000 for one of the last remaining original movies posters for the 1927 sci-fi classic, Metropolis. Only three other posters like it are known to exist.

4. Dorothy Gale’s Ruby Slippers

These were the magical slippers Dorothy used to get back home in The Wizard of Oz. Although a few pairs were made for the movie, in 2000 David Elkouby paid $666,000 for a set of his very own.

5. Andy Warhol’s Wig

In the ’60s, Andy Warhol started wearing a wig to cover his receding hair line. In 2006, the wig was sold at an auction for $10,800, and it apparently still had the original three strips of tape inside used to keep the hairpiece in place.