10 Essential Australian Bands You Haven’t Heard

Australia: it’s not just throwing another shrimp on the barbie while you crack another cold beer, y’know. The land down under is also home to a heap of excellent music that doesn’t always make it to American shores. Melbourne, in particular, houses a thriving indie scene, but there’s a surfeit of quality acts from across the country who’ve had little or no exposure beyond their native land. In hopes of adding some Australian flavor to your playlist, we’ve highlighted ten such artists, musicians who have wildly divergent sounds but share a common aesthetic: exploring the endless possibilities of song and sound.

1. Beaches

This all-girl five-piece toured the USA earlier this year, playing SXSW and a string of dates across the country. Beaches sound like their name: their songs are slow-building breakers of noise and feedback, built around motorik beats and pounding basslines. They’re a supergroup of sorts — various members also feature in the mighty Love of Diagrams, Spider Vomit, and Panel of Judges — and their music deftly treads a line between freeform jamming and pop sensibilities. Incidentally, the video for this song (“Hoedown”), was made by multi-talented bassist Gill Tucker.