Killing Our Idols: 10 Movies Hipsters Need to Get Over

[Editor’s note: Flavorwire is counting down our most popular features of 2010. This post comes in at position number 2It was originally published July 1, 2010.] There are great films, there are horrible films, and there are hipster films. These aren’t movies about hipsters — your (500) Days of Summer — or movies calculated to appeal to them (Garden State) that end up finding their true audience in middle America. These are the flicks (often from the ’80s or ’90s) that people of the well-educated, alternative-leaning, cosmopolitan, 20-something demographic actively embrace… and often quote ad nauseam. We’re not saying we don’t enjoy these movies — some of them are our very own sacred cows, and it hurts us deeply to sacrifice them. We’re just saying they’ve become as overplayed as Animal Collective’s “My Girls,” and we’re sick to death of hearing about them.

Say Anything…

Hipsters and John Cusack go together like peas and carrots. From Better Off Dead (which, like, don’t mess with, okay?) to High Fidelity to Hot Tub Time Machine, he’s emo narcissism and nostalgic irony all rolled into one. While we enjoyed Say Anything…, the first time around, the fact that it’s inspired two indie bands and a million T-shirts means it’s seriously overplayed. And ladies: I think we know what it means to date a guy who sees Lloyd Dobler as some kind of perma-teen role model. If we see one more dude hoist a boom box over his head…

Top image via Mez Love on Flickr


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