Warning: Lady Gaga Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

Whatever happened to the sweet little girl in this picture? Just look at how her top matches those flowers and how innocent everything seems as she lies resting on that couch. Sure, she’s unzipped and revealing a lot of skin, but if it was as hot outside then as it has been lately, we can’t blame her.

These days, however, the lady has been trouble. She has been influencing the public in bad ways. With her Facebook page reaching an unprecedented number of Likes and her world tour underway, we don’t want to sound the alarm — because alarms cause unnecessary panic — but we do want to raise awareness to the potential pitfalls of blindly following this siren of song, this icon of imagination, this beauty of bisexuality.

Click past the jump and take heed of five dangers you might face if you do exactly as Lady Gaga does.

1. Beware: Don’t Wear Lady Gaga Contact Lenses

CBS reports that if you try to emulate Lady Gaga’s anime look in her “Bad Romance” music video, your vision may be in peril. Several well-intentioned followers are apparently purchasing special contact lenses — Circle Lenses — to increase the size of their irises. The American Optometric Association warns that while these lenses do make you look like a sad puppy in need of affection, they might cause serious infection or damage the eye’s ability to function. At worst, users may go blind. The lenses are illegal to buy in the United States, but available to order over the internet.

Watch the video — it features a doctor who knows a lot about cultural issues in Asia. And remember that these newscasters aren’t just old curmudgeons making some lame excuse for you not to have fun; they are serious professionals with genuine concerns for your eyesight. Is looking great so important that it’s worth losing your ability to see?