Guessing Game: Match the Celebrity to the Bedroom

You can tell a lot about a person by their bedroom. If an adult male still sleeps on a twin bed with Star Wars sheets, ladies, that’s a deal breaker. Guys, if your lady love’s closet resembles Carrie Bradshaw’s, chances are she’s a high-maintenance girl. And let’s not even get into the not-so-hidden meaning behind water beds, lava lamps, and prominently displayed fetish gear! Instead, let’s test your skills at reading personality clues in bedroom design, shall we? After the jump, we’ve posted ten photos of celebrity boudoirs. Take your best guess and then highlight the answer below to find out how you did.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin [via Curbed]

2. Wayne Coyne [via]

3. Marilyn Manson

4. Daniel Craig [via Curbed]

5. Cher [via Architectural Digest. Photo credit: Mary E. Nichols]

6. Dr Phil [listing via RealEstalker]

7. Liberace [via]

8. Samuel L. Jackson [via Architectural Digest. Photo credit: Mary E. Nichols]

9. Rush Limbaugh [via]

10. Frank Sinatra [via Architectural Digest. Photo credit: Mary E. Nichols and John Bryson]


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