10 Summer Songs That Need To Die

[Editor’s note: It’s the last Friday of the summer, so your Flavorwire editors and writers are taking a much-needed break. We’ll return to our normal publishing schedule on Tuesday, but in the meantime, we’ll be revisiting some of our favorite content from the past few months. This post was originally published July 16, 2010.] Every summer there are certain songs that are completely inescapable. Whether it be at your family’s awkward 4th of July barbecue reunion or blasting inside the department stores you already feel kind of lame being inside, these hot weather-themed songs are totally unwelcome yet simply will not die. Below we have compiled a list of ten of these tracks that need check into the retirement home and spend their last few days out of earshot. Some of these are beloved classics, and we understand it may be hard to cast some of these into the fires of Lamedor, but one must have courage sometimes.

10. “Summer of ’69” – Bryan Adams

When your glory days were all the way back in ’69, it’s time for you to head to the glue factory. Order this song one retirement, please!