Flavorpill’s Official Mad Men Drinking Game

At long last Mad Men is back, and we’re looking forward to the return of the best reason for cocktails on a Sunday night (other than work on Monday). Now we can find out what it would be like to run your office out of a hotel room (like Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but with more cigarettes and adultery). And to celebrate the season four premiere, we’ve created a Mad Men drinking game. Not that you weren’t planning to throw back a few already, but because everything is more fun if you’re doing it competitively. Haven’t you read The Fountainhead like Bert Cooper told you to?

Take a sip…
…for every winking reference to no longer acceptable social standards (smoking while pregnant, for instance).
…each time Sterling Cooper Draper Pyce (the new ad agency) loses a client.
…whenever Don and Betty Draper’s divorce gets mentioned.
…at the appearance of Betty’s gray-haired new beau.
…whenever Sally Draper says something precocious.
…for every drink that gets made onscreen (careful, this one may be dangerous).
…for every cigarette smoked in an office (those were the days)

…for every timely political reference.
…during any phone call from London.
…in solidarity with any African-American elevator operator.
…if there’s a new (third) child actor playing Don’s son, Bobby.
…if Peggy Olson and Duck Phillips continue their affair.
…for each of Trudy Campbell’s fabulous hats.
…if Don reads poetry again. Take two if it’s by Frank O’Hara.

Toss back a shot…
…if Paul Kinsey returns… sans beard.
…every time Don seduces someone.
…when you see a riding lawnmower.
…if Roger Sterling’s wife leaves him.

Empty your glass…
…if Sal Romano finally emerges from the bushes of Central Park.
…if Pete Campbell and Peggy get back together.
…each time Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce signs another client.
…if Roger and Joan Holloway hook up.

Empty the bottle…
…if Don and Joan hook up.

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