The 10 Sexiest Indie Rockers Over 40

We tend to think of indie rock as a young person’s game, with each new, trendy subgenre attracting a younger set of crush-worthy wunderkinds. But as the underground continues to age and its icons keep on rocking, it sometimes hits us (as it did watching The Flaming Lips perform last night) that some of our childhood crushes are looking better now than ever. With that in mind, after the jump, we celebrate the sexiest indie rockers of both genres over 40. Add your obvious obsessions and guilty pleasures alike in the comments.

Wayne Coyne, 49
The Flaming Lips frontman is that rare type who actually gets more attractive as he ages (and it just about goes without saying that he’s still making great music, too). Need proof? Check out the adorable but not yet full-on dreamy Coyne in the video for their 1993 alterna-rock hit “She Don’t Use Jelly.” Now watch him bare the full monty in last year’s clip for “Watching the Planets.”