How to Throw a Hipster Wedding in 5 Easy Steps

Throwing the perfect hipster wedding doesn’t have to mean dancing down the aisle to Animal Collective. In fact, it probably shouldn’t. But before we get into that, a quick note on the marriage proposal: creative is best. Write it in pumpkins. Or give her a beautiful hand-drawn illustration. Alright, now on to our best advice for the main event.

1. Dress

Image via Refinery 29

Forget Vera Wang or Monique Lhuillier for a moment. Many would argue that the bride (and by extension, her dress) are the centerpiece of this day. So shouldn’t your outfit choice reflect your real personal style? Just think, if you ditch the cupcake dress and pick something you’ll want to wear long after your wedding, the crazy price tag doesn’t seem quite so ridiculous. Also: in many cases, pieces by emerging designers are going to be more affordable anyway. We’d suggest any of the super romantic bohemian numbers above — from left to right they are by Thakoon, Vena Cava, Lover, and Lanvin respectively. And Urban Outfitters plans to launch a bridal line by Valentine’s Day of next year.

Could care less about finding a dress? Throw on something comfortable and low key, stick some flowers in your hair, and head down to City Hall.