Friday the 13th Slays at the Box Office. Har. Har. [Morning Links]

Books: On one side of the island, one of the world’s bloodiest civil wars; on the other, Sri Lanka’s Galle Literary Fest. [Guardian]
Dance/Opera: Shaquille O’Neal coulda been a dancer. [Chicago Sun-Times]
Design: Shepard Fairey: pop masquerading as art? [New Yorker]
Film: Does anyone else find it really scary that Friday the 13th raked in $42.2 million this weekend, yet the Oscar nominated flicks can’t pay anyone to see ’em? [Bloomberg]
Music: The cover (we like!)/tracklist for the new Grizzly Bear album. Now hype amongst yourselves. [Pitchfork]
Television: The Simpsons — now in HD — gets a new opening title sequence. Does anyone still watch? [TV Week]
Theatre: A new play about a guy trying to act out the first Rambo flick in his tiny apartment. And they said all the good stories had already been told… [Arts Beat]
Visual Arts: For the first time in sixty years, China agrees to share art with Taiwan. Their mothers must be so proud! [NYT]
Web: The art of the status update. [NYT Mag]