10 Wonderful Musician Cameos on TV Shows

Sometimes you wake up on a weekend morning (or, um, afternoon) and all you can bear to do is watch Beverly Hills, 90210 re-runs on SoapNet. Or, at least, that’s all we could manage this Sunday, when one of the episodes we caught featured a live performance at the hip Peach Pit After Dark nightclub. And that got us thinking about our favorite band cameos, from cheesy to unironically awesome, on TV shows. After the jump, we count down 10 of the best we could find video evidence of (sadly, The Flaming Lips on 90210 and Devo on Square Pegs were both impossible to track down), from Punky Brewster to Ab Fab.

Motörhead on The Young Ones (1984)
As long as you can understand the characters’ heavy British accents, The Young Ones is one of the funniest shows about young adults on their own in the history of television. Best of all, each episode featured a musical guest that the writers didn’t bother to work into the story line. Our favorite, of course, is Motörhead performing “The Ace of Spades.”