Which High School Movie Fits Your High School Stereotype?

No matter how we turned out or how unique we think we are, the truth is that most of us fit some high school stereotype or another. And we like to think that, even if we’ve given up our Star Wars action figure collection or stopped playing football, we keep a little piece of that history with us in our adult lives. So, as kids everywhere are preparing to head back to school, and in honor of those inner nerds and jocks, we present a selection of high-school films tailored to your high-school stereotype.

Jock: Friday Night Lights

You are not here to learn; you’re here to score — in sports, with chicks, whatever. In teen movies, there are generally two kinds of jocks: bullying assholes and poor, talented, earnest types with genuine ambition and discipline. We find the latter easier to stomach, so we’re recommending this 2004 drama, which was based on a true story and inspired the TV series of the same name.

See also: Hoop Dreams, Hoosiers, Varsity Blues