10 Acts Who Will Save 2010 From Chillwave

Summer’s winding down, and with it, the deluge of dreamy surf-rock bands (read: laptops), none of which are particularly offending, but be honest: the chillwave epidemic is definitely a case of too much of a moderately good thing. So, dear readers, let us remind you of, and in some cases, introduce you to a set of bands and artists who don’t default to water-themed monikers, fuzzy samples and lethargic vocals. This is the music that’s going to save 2010 from chillwave’s distorted clutches.

of Montreal

Let’s get this one out of the way: have you heard the new of Montreal album, False Priest? Kevin Barnes has never been one to hold back, but the new record is more sexy, sleazy, and blatantly indebted to funk/R&B than anything we’ve heard from the indie king of pop before. “Sex Karma” (feat. Solange Knowles) has Barnes describing his lover’s body as a playground, and “Like a Tourist” would turn any dance club into a bloodbath.

You can pre-order the record here.