Flavorpill’s Top 12 Most Anticipated Films of Fall 2010

Fall may mean the end of warm weather, vacations, and free summer concerts, but it’s not all bad. Cineasts know that this time of year is often the best for film, as studios push Oscar contenders, Sundance favorites make their way to limited release, and cold nights have us trading drinks outdoors for the cozy comforts of our local cinema. As indieWIRE’s new fall preview shows, this season in particular brings an embarrassment of movie riches. We’ve whittled their excellent list down to 12 September-December films we absolutely need to see in the theater. Watch the trailers and let us know what you’re most excited to see.

12. Let Me In (dir. Matt Reeves)
In theaters: October 1
Fans of 2008’s Let the Right One In, the dark and majestic Swedish vampire film (itself adapted from a novel of the same name) are right to be skeptical about an English-language remake from the director of Cloverfield. To be honest, we were ready to skip it until we saw the trailer — which suggests that Reeves is taking his cues from the original. While it may turn out to be more of a thriller than its cold, restrained, note-perfect inspiration, we’ve seen enough to know we’ll have to check this one out in the theater.