Mad Men Characters and Their 90210 Counterparts

[Editor’s note: Flavorwire is counting down our most popular features of 2010. This post comes in at position number 9. It was originally published September 2, 2010.] As we’re sure your Facebook or Twitter feeds have already reminded you, today is 9/02/10 — as in Beverly Hills. Now, we may all have taken up more sophisticated TV fare in the years since the teen soap’s heyday, but we are still ready to argue that 90210 is a show worth celebrating. In fact, we’ve realized that it isn’t so different from our latest quasi-highbrow cable obsession, Mad Men. To prove it, we’ve matched Mad Men characters with their 90210 equivalents — and the parallels are downright eerie.

Don Draper = Dylan McKay
When you think about it, Don Draper and Dylan McKay are pretty much the same character. Sure, the former is the middle-aged creative genius behind Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and the latter is a rich teenager with a motorcycle. But they’re both mysterious sex symbols, betraying little about themselves and driving all the ladies wild. Don and Dylan have buckets of daddy issues and also seem to be smarter than everyone around them, occasionally given to making profound, impressive speeches. Also: While Don’s character pretends to be younger than he is, Dylan is played by an actor (Luke Perry) who is at least a decade older than the character is supposed to be. And need we mention each character’s substance abuse problems?