Photo Gallery: All Tomorrow’s Parties NY 2010

Last Friday, as you were packing your bags for that last beach weekend of the year or making a Labor Day barbecue shopping list, record collectors, post-rock fetishists, and other assorted serious music nerds from around the country (and no small number from across the pond) converged at Kutsher’s Country Resort, transforming the ratty Catskills hotel into a transcendent three-day rock ‘n roll summer camp called All Tomorrow’s Parties.

It’s easy to see why ATP, with its laissez-faire, let-the-kids-have-fun attitude, on-site lodging, lack of corporate sponsorship, and love for all things loud and instrumental, has attracted so many hardcore fans. (We count ourselves among that number, having attended the New York festival ever since it made its debut in 2008.) But it’s always the individual moments, not the big-picture stuff, that make the tiny festival so memorable.

This weekend, we saw The Breeders play “Cannonball” and Sonic Youth do “Death Valley ’69” and Mudhoney attack “Touch Me I’m Sick” — three songs that are as powerful in 2010 as they were in the late ’80s and early ’90s. We felt the crumbling auditorium around us (and, seemingly, the entire world) vibrate under the weight of Sunn 0))) and Boris’ Altar, a performance that was as frightening as it was awe-inspiring. And in what was undoubtedly the most electrifying set of the weekend, we jumped and elbowed and sweated through our clothing in an Iggy and the Stooges mosh pit while the man himself — the living embodiment of all that is freedom and punk rock and weirdness — tore through Raw Power and surprised us with other classic numbers like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “No Fun.” Hell, towards the end of the festivities, Raekwon was introduced by none other than Ron Jeremy (although we must say we preferred Raekwon’s Wu-Tang compatriot GZA’s tighter, apparently anger-fueled set). Throughout it all, we followed the iconic, bushy, white mane of Sunday’s distinguished curator, Jim Jarmusch, from act to act, as he watched his favorite bands perform and patiently greeted fan after fan.

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A sea of hands carries (and gropes) Iggy Pop as he crowd surfs. Photo by Sean Ruch.