The Pen Club: Our Generation’s Preppiest Writers

There are many writers, editors, and publishers featured in True Prep, Lisa Birnbach’s follow-up to the original blue blood Bible, 1980’s The Official Preppy Handbook. In a chapter entitled “The True Pantheon,” Birnbach sets her laurel wreath around the privileged heads of Ben Bradlee, Alfred A. Knopf, Paul Rudnick, Eric Segal, and even Dr. Seuss. And, bien sûr, John Updike, Edith Wharton, and F. Scott Fitzgerald also get their dues. But who are the preppy writers of Generations X and Y? Who will carry on the gin-soaked torch of those gone before? Here’s a partial list of prep-schoolers, Ivy Leaguers, and dapper literati who are turning out some of the most exciting American fiction on the current lit scene.

Jonathan Safran Foer
The son of a lawyer and public relations professional, Foer was born in D.C. and prepped at Georgetown Day School before studying creative writing under Joyce Carol Oates at that preppiest of institutions, Princeton. We may think of him as one of the Brooklyn hipster Jonathans, but let’s be real: he lives in Park Slope.