Requiem for the Liberace Museum

Economic depression is the enemy of the fabulous. When the Dow plunges, the first things to be jettisoned are signs of ostentatious wealth: spangles, sequins, and bling-bling. Ridiculous gold-plated musical instruments and/or toilets are suddenly out of fashion. We shed no tears at the dearth of diamonds on household objects, nor did we rend our garments when P. Diddy had to fly on a regular plane instead of his private jet. But this, dear readers, strikes a blow to the tacky, glitter-loving, Bob Mackie-worshiper in us all: the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas announced today that it’s closing its doors on October 17 due to poor ticket sales.

The majority of Liberace’s ostrich-feathered outfits and bedazzled instruments will be tucked away for a brighter day, while a select few will go on traveling exhibits. But the temple to excess and fashion extravagance will be no more. In memoriam, we’ve collected some of the most bejeweled, spang-tacular images of items from the Valentino Liberace collection. Flip through them and weep, after the jump.

This mirrored Rolls Royce has horses etched onto the side. It appears alongside a rhinestone-embellished Rolls and Liberace’s red, white, and blue Rolls.