Photo Gallery: Portraits of the Artist, Bill Murray

Of all the actors in Hollywood, Bill Murray has surely had one of the oddest careers. From slightly askew mainstream comedy actor to indie darling to… the famous dude who somehow shows up to your Bushwick loft party, Murray is certainly a legend, not to mention one of the most fascinating celebrities out there. It makes some sense, then, that this strange and wonderful artist would inspire some strange and inspiring art.

Beginning this Friday, Los Angeles’ R&R Gallery — the folks who brought us the equally wonderful show of Labyrinth-based art, Dance Magic Dance — will present Mr. Bill Murray: A Tribute to the Legend, an exhibition of no fewer than 50 original art pieces dedicated to the O.G. (Original Ghostbuster, that is) himself. Click through for a preview of the show, featuring Murray at home on the golf course, as grizzled sea captain, immortalized on skateboard decks, and much more.

Paul O’Sullivan, Put  A Little Love in Your Heart, 8” x 10.5”, pen and ink and paint