The Top 10 Celebrity Ghostwriter Appearances

If you ever wore a felt-tip pen around your neck, wished the letter magnets on your refrigerator would rearrange themselves, or longed to bust the corner bodega for selling bogus videotapes, then surely you were a fan of PBS’s early ’90s series Ghostwriter. For those who missed out, Ghostwriter was an educational TV show about a group of multicultural middle school kids who solved mysteries with the aid of a friendly ghost (who had a penchant for words), set against the vaguely gritty backdrop of Fort Greene, Brooklyn. What wasn’t so obvious to us back then was the impressive array of celebrity cameos peppered throughout the series — such as a Samuel L. Jackson playing Ghostwriter Team member Jamal Jenkins’ father. Word! Check out the surprising array of stars featured in Ghostwriter episodes below.

Samuel L. Jackson as Jamal Jenkins’ father
Episode: “Ghost Story” (1992)

Believe it or not, the very first lines in the pilot episode of Ghostwriter were spoken by none other than the Bad Motherfucker himself, Samuel L. Jackson. While searching for a trunk to pack up his college-bound sister, Jamal stumbles upon Ghostwriter for the first time, but since Real Adults can’t see Ghostwriter, Jackson isn’t privy. Shaft didn’t stick with the show for long, and another actor replaced him in later episodes, but if this isn’t a running start for a series, we don’t know what is.