Bikes Reenvisioned: Seoul Cycle Design Competition Short List

The bicycle has come a long way since 1817, when Baron Karl von Drais introduced the Laufmachine (aka draisine) to the public. In the 1860s two Frenchmen named Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement added pedals (called the velocipede), and in 1885 J.K. Stanley invented the chain drive, allowing for rear wheel drive. As to be expected, modern designers are still tinkering with two-wheeled human-powered locomotion, which gave the Seoul Design Foundation in Korea reason to organize the Seoul Cycle Design Competition. Judges have recently announced their short list from 3000 participants. Click through for some of our favorites. 

The Lunartic, designed by Luke Douglas features different wheel sizes, a toothed belt drive, and a hubless rear wheel. Douglas explains, “The gyroscopic effect of a large wheel helps it travel faster and more contact with the road provides a stable and comfortable ride, whereas small wheels save space, weight and are more maneuverable.”