The Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor

In these days of iPads and Kindles, it can be hard out there for those of us who like the real thing: physical books made of paper and cardboard and glue. Sometimes it feels like the End Times for the lover of the printed word, and that awakens in us the urge to surround ourselves with the dog-eared volumes we love. If you feel the same way, our Bibliophile’s Guide to Home Decor, featuring items made of books, designed to hold them, and created in celebration of them, is for you.


Book desk. Appropriately enough, this one functions as the information desk for TU Delft architecture bibliotheek. [via Boing Boing]

So you want a higher concept book desk, small enough for home use? Meet Richard Hutten’s Layers. [via designboom]

We’ve seen many variations on the bookshelf made of books, but Jim Rosenau’s elegant, brightly colored version may be our favorite. [via Curled Up with a Book]

Some of the items on this list cost thousands of dollars or aren’t for sale. But you can buy this one-of-a-kind book lamp on Etsy for 60 bucks.