Photo Gallery: Kwon Kisoo’s Pop Alter-Ego

A Korean pop artist, Kwon Kisoo is widely known in Asia for his Dongguri character — a smiling, genderless alter-ego that romps around candy-colored landscapes. Often accompanied by a small animal, which can be read as either a dog or a cat, Dongguri is able to clone itself to have instant playmates and, when multiplied, to become an army.

Simple in nature, Kwon’s paintings are influenced by traditional Korean landscapes, which comfort viewers with pleasant scenes. Plum blossoms, bamboo, rainbows, and rivers surround the little creature to construct joyful, geometric realms, while subtly commenting on globalism and consumer culture. Blurring the boundaries between fine and commercial art, Kwon makes paintings, animations, and products — ranging from stationery and posters to sportswear and shopping bags. His Dongguri works are even available as artist theme banners to personalize  your iGoogle page.

After showing in Asian museums and biennials over the past ten years, Kwon is having his first American solo show at Flowers gallery in New York. Filled with lively paintings and sculptures, the exhibition leaves you with an upbeat feeling and a new little buddy, who will forever stick in your mind.

Kwon Kisoo: Recent Work is on view at Flowers in New York through October 2.

Click through below for a gallery of images.

Kwon Kisoo, Golden River – On the Cube, 2009. Acrylic on canvas, 51¼ x 51¼ in. Courtesy Flowers, New York