Shorties with Degrees: Rap Songs About Smart Women

Rappers, generally speaking, aren’t universally known for their forward-thinking feminist viewpoints. Nope, mostly women in rap songs are video hos or strippers or gold diggers, celebrated not so much for their intellect as for their cup size. But that doesn’t mean that all rap songs are about detailing a woman’s measurements and Gucci nails — there’s actually a strain of hip-hop that prizes the ladies who know how to hold a conversation, run a business, and read books — at least comic books. Below the jump: a countdown of rap songs about ladies who can work a spreadsheet, not a stripper pole.

“Fancy” by Drake (Feat. T.I.)

In this track, Drake lays it down for all the women who are “book and street smart,” plus he gets flummoxed when a lady (“independent with the demeanor of an R&B singer”) turns down his offer to buy her a drink ’cause she’s out with her ladies. “Shout out to the homeowners/The girls that got diplomas/And enough money to loan us a little something extra/Should we ever need it.” You got it, Drake.