Sesame Street’s 10 Weirdest Celebrity Guests

Sesame Street has a long history of celebrity guests, some kid-friendly and some… less so. Take, for example, this week’s cameo by Katy Perry, whose cleavage was front and center during her sketch with Elmo. Though the version of “Hot ‘n’ Cold” she sang was less risque than the original, it still seemed odd to put one of MTV’s video vixens into a children’s show. Which got us thinking about the most inappropriate, questionable, and flat-out bizarre guests who have been on Sesame Street over the years. Check out our list, after the jump.

Richard Pryor

Shock comedian Richard Pryor, known for his racial epithets and all around vulgar humor, appeared on the show to teach the alphabet. He keeps it clean, but it’s still hilarious — and you know that the crew must have been nervous.