True Mud and 10 More Sesame Street TV Parodies

Today, Sesame Street released its parody of HBO’s True Blood, which is fittingly called “True Mud.” As you may have guessed, the sketch is about a stranger who orders “true mud,” raising suspicions that he’s a grouch. The writers over on Sesame have always been quite deft at providing entertainment for parents while keeping their children entertained and educating them. Click through to watch “True Mud” and 10 more spoofs of hit TV shows — from “Mad Men” to “Desperate House Plants,” some of their very adult choices might surprise you.

“True Mud”

Sparing children and their potentially concerned parents from vampire sex and violence, Sesame Street switches blood for mud and vampires for grouches. We still get the “stranger in town” vibe, plus a quick rhyming lesson.