Photo Gallery: Sandow Birk's American Qur'an

A surfer and award-winning artist, Sandow Birk is a man with a mighty mission — to make an American version of the Qur’an. Using English translations of the text, Birk is exquisitely writing and illustrating all 114 chapters, or suras, that make up the holy book by hand. With a graffiti style script and cartoon-like illustrations of everyday life, inspired by the particular message of each sura, the artist reveals how the teachings of Islam are similar to those of Christianity and Judaism.

Using gouache, acrylic, and ink to illustrate scenes of farming, shopping, and golfing, as well as tornados, floods, and hurricanes, Birk is on the third leg of his project, which will take another three years to complete. In the end, he plans to produce an illustrated book that will break down the misunderstanding of the Islamic faith that is fueled by our own ignorance. While his  previous suras have been exhibited on the West Coast at Catharine Clark Gallery in San Fransisco and Koplin del Rio Gallery in Culver City, the third group is on view at PPOW Gallery in New York through October 9th.

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Sandow Birk, American Qur'an/Sura 84 2009, gouache and ink on paper, 19 x 27 1/2 inches, Courtesy PPOW Gallery, New York