10 Granta-Anointed Spanish-Language Writers You Should Know

Ever since its first Best of Young British Novelists” issue in 1983, Granta‘s once-a-decade spotlight on rising literary talents — initially including then-relative unknowns Ian McEwan, Salman Rushdie, and Martin Amis — has proved to be a consistent predictor of enduring success. Although the magazine has issued two similar lists for American writers (first in 1996, most recently in 2007), its focus has remained limited to the English-speaking world. Last week marked a historical turn in a new direction, however, as Granta 113 boasts a selection of 22 Spanish language authors whose names are sure to soon join the recognizable ranks of other Latin American and Spanish heavyweights. Ahead of the issue’s release, here’s a chance to familiarize yourself with a selection of these emerging writers before they’re as ubiquitous as Borges and Bolaño.

Oliverio Coelho

An active author, anthologist, and critic, Oliverio Coelho has received several literary awards and grants in his native Argentina and has participated in writing residencies as far as Mexico and South Korea. Three of his six novels comprise a futuristic trilogy — Los Invertebrables (2003), Borneo (2004), Promesas Naturales (2006) — in which humanity is plagued by subhuman animalistic mutations and reproductive regulations, but this imaginative approach to social engagement permeates all of his work. Coelho’s literary criticism also appears in publications like El País, La Nación, and Perfil, and he covers news within the publishing industry for the magazine Los Inrockuptibles.