Photo Gallery: A Humble View of Los Angeles

Los Angeles photographer John Humble has been documenting the dynamic structure of the city and all of its rivers, highways, and suburbs for more than 30 years. The recipient of a 1979 National Endowment for the Arts award to photograph the city on the occasion of its bicentennial, Humble continued over the years to capture the views that make LA unique. From funky signs on concrete block commercial buildings to residential homes and amusement parks surrounded by elevated highways and electrical lines, Humble records the urban landscape in all its visual glory.

Over the course of the past decade, the photographer has paid special attention to the Los Angeles River, a 51-mile waterway that bisects the city. Mostly contained in concrete, the river is a mash-up of nature and urban planning. Documented at a variety of points along its path, at different times of day, and under all kinds of climatic conditions, the LA River becomes a metaphor for the spirit of the wild west that’s now been tamed.

The subject of survey shows at the Getty Center in LA in 2007 and Amerika Haus in Munich earlier this year, Humble’s powerful pictures are now on view at Stieglitz19, a photography gallery in Antwerp, through October 10.

Click through below for a gallery of images.

New Overpass, I-105 at I-110, Los Angeles, March 16, 1991. Courtesy Stieglitz19, Antwerp