Flavorpill's Guide to DIY Pop-Culture Halloween Costumes #1: TV

Halloween: It’s always more complicated than you want it to be. Even if you’ve got your plans set, it’s a struggle to find the perfect costume — without resorting to the same crappy, overpriced, pre-packaged getups everyone else will be wearing. So, this October, Flavorpill is helping you out with easy, weekly DIY costume guides tackling four different pop-culture realms. Don’t worry — there’s no sewing involved.

This week, we kick things off with our guide to TV-related costumes, featuring a whole lot of contemporary shows, from Mad Men to 30 Rock, and one supremely worthy retro series.

Mad Men: Pregnant Trudy Campbell

Peter Campbell and his smug, proper wife, Trudy, are two of the campiest characters on Mad Men — which means that they absolutely lend themselves to Halloween costumes. So far, our favorite Campbell fashion moment of the season has been super-pregnant Trudy trudging around in enormous lingerie.

The costume:

Pink ruffle maternity chemise – $50, Babies ‘n Bellies

Beach ball – $2, Amazon

Note: For couples, it would be easy to add a Pete Campbell costume to Trudy’s. All you need is slacks, a dress shirt, a sport coat, a tie (at least one of these items should come in a bright, preppy color or pattern) and copious amounts of hair gel.