Field Trip: A Tour of The Big Lebowski Store

Tucked in a corner off of Washington Square Park, amid the tobacco shops and cheap pizza, there’s a store that could only exist in an obsessive Coen Brothers fan’s imagination — or in Greenwich Village. It’s called “Little Lebowski,” and, yes, it’s a store devoted to all things Lebowski. Within the narrow confines of the shop, the Dude certainly abides: Not only is there a myriad of Lebowski t-shirts, action figures, bumper stickers, and memorabilia to choose from, but the store owner, Roy Preston, greets you from behind an In-and-Out counter dressed in a bathrobe and slippers. Grab your bowling shoes and a White Russian and join us for a guided tour of Little Lebowski, after the jump.

The Little Lebowski opened its doors in December 2009, to the enthusiasm of Dude-followers everywhere. Preston, from behind the counter, noted that the majority of his customers are not, in fact, stoned NYU freshmen (though we assume there are plenty of them, too) but tourists. Particularly European tourists. Who knew the Dude had such international appeal?