10 of the Most Traumatic Fictional Divorces on Film and TV

If you’re a Huffington Post reader, you know that amid all the crowdsourced opinion writing, the site has tons of bizarre fixations, ranging from celebrity nip slips to alternative health. Now, it’s launching a new section on divorce, founded and edited by none other than Nora Ephron. Considering that HuffPo doesn’t currently have a vertical on, say, relationships, this seems a bit backwards to us. But we concede that it’s an intriguing idea. In anticipation of the section’s debut, we present 10 of film and TV’s most traumatic divorces — but only the fictional ones, because we know we’re not the only people sick of thinking about Jon and Kate.

Children of Divorce (1927)

Although divorce was taboo for much of the 20th century, it made its way onto the big screen as early as the silent era, in this film starring Clara Bow and Gary Cooper. And the fate of the three kids with divorced parents is pretty bleak. Two are raised in a convent after their moms give them up, and the other doesn’t fare much better at home. As they grow up, a tragic tangle of love affairs ensues, ending in suicide. Which pretty much reflects what most people back then thought was inevitable children of divorce.